Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

Highly Technological

Use the technological infrastructure which has been softwared proper to international standards and nucleus services in all products mutually.

Updated Technology

Enjoy using all modules which have been softwared by being used the most updated Technologies in software area.

Multi GDS Integration

Meet the convenience of reaching the best available rates by more than one GDS integration for each product.

Multi-Languaged Infrastructure

Use the system with the language option on the system or with the language request you ask us to add to the system.

High Safety

Finalize your payment safely via 3D Safe Payment. Check the transactions in your current account.

Alternative Payment

Use payment methods easiliy such as credit card, bank transfer, current payment, etc. Or another methods that might be added to the system.

Integration For All Structures

Witness that integration is able to be made without any structure change via web service.

Professional Call Center

Enjoy getting service with our 7/24 call center service about every issue you need to help.